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Hygiene staff

Support Staff - Martha

Receptionist/Office Manager - Kristen

Kristen is our newest member. She is a native of Des Moines and graduated from Urbandale High

School. After graduation, she joined the banking industry and after a few years she joined us here at

Centric. She is very happy to help in any way she can and we are happy to have her at Centric. Her

greatest strength is managing the front office. In addition, she is caring and loves the assist the staff.

You'll be delighted if you get an opportunity to speak with her.


To schedule an appointment, please call. She will be happy to help you!

Therese and Krystal are both registered dental hygienists and have their degrees from Des Moines Area Community College. They have a combined 32 years of experience, both being hired upon graduation. We are very fortunate to have them at the office and they work so well together, making a great team.


Working four days work, we offer cleanings as early as 7 in the morning and as late as 5 in the evening. We schedule an hour for adult and child hygiene appointments (not that they will require that full time), and provide a thorough cleaning and time to provide oral hygiene instructions if needed and desired. We have, and provide many supporting tools besides the toothbrush so that you can be sure and be thorough with your care. For our patients who keep up with their recommended and scheduled appointments, we can give a lot of good checkups.

Not only is the doctor comfortable with most all dental procedures, but Martha is also very capable and enjoys the variety presented in a practice like Centric. Martha received her degree from Vatterott College in 2008, and with her background provides an awesome component of diversity probably not found in most dental offices in DSM. Dr. Dahlberg has been quoted that she is the best dental assistant that he has ever had the pleasure to work with and she has been a very welcomed addition to the office. While your visits will hopefully remain in the hygiene department (with good check-ups), you can be sure that you will be taken care of when you need something more than a cleaning.

One of our goals is your return!

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